Thursday, September 28, 2023
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The Opioid Crisis: What is a Christian to Do?

The Opioid Crisis: What is a Christian to Do?

“Many proposed solutions to the opioid crisis are at the micro-level, such as individual counseling, group counseling, and self-help programs. While these are important, it is essential to consider what macroscopic social forces contribute to this terrible crisis. For instance, over-prescribing opioids is clearly a factor in the epidemic. In this essay, we argue that widespread disengagement from participation in social institutions by groups particularly hard hit by opioid above is playing a role in the current situation”

This is an excerpt from an essay authored by Professors Keith Durkin (Ohio Northern University) and Daniel Phillips III (Campbellsville University.)

In this special interview, TV-44 ‘s Jennifer Beck sits down with Keith Durkin to discuss the current opioid epidemic, considering how faith based organizations can have an impact on prevention and recovery.

Also in this program: the 10 year local anniversary of Celebrate Recovery & the success story of a former addict who overdosed three times before turning his life over to Christ, and finding freedom from addiction.


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