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The Adoption Story of Andy and Leah Lynch

The Adoption Story of Andy and Leah Lynch

When Andy Lynch and his wife, Leah, married, they knew a family was part of their desired future plans; and today, they are a happy, thriving family of 4. But for Andy and Leah, building a family didn’t come traditionally. One day, at church, God spoke to Andy and God spoke to Leah individually, but with a unified message. They were being called, not just to adoption, but to open adoption. What did that look like? What was God planning through all this?

At that point, they knew only one thing: their job was to say “yes.”

Saying Yes to God

So they did. They said “yes” to God’s unique plan for their family. And that meant some pretty heavy things: deep intense heartbreak, experiencing an adoptive parent’s equivalent to a late term miscarriage.

Next, having to find the strength to rise back up and start again.

Eventually, welcoming their first child, Nathan.

And then, welcoming their second child, Anna, in a way they never anticipated.

Adoption into a family

When Andy and Leah Lynch married, they knew God had called them to start a family, but now as they look back, they can see a “family” means so much more than just having children. God has called them to love all involved in this family unit, and that even includes birth parents, birth grandparents, and more.

Meet Andy, Leah, Nathan & Anna Lynch: 4 unique individuals whom God brought together for unified and important purpose of serving Him and showing His love to others.

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