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Responding to the Call: Serving Others

Responding to the Call: Serving Others

County Line Church of the Brethren, Harrod, recently invited it’s supported mission groups to the church for a special morning of conversation, relationship building, and corporate worship. I asked County Line Interim Pastor, Chris Ewing about the act of serving, and how it reaches more than just the person on the receiving end.

Serving Others

Q: Why is it important for a church body to be supportive of area missions groups?
A: This allows us to maximize our impact of what we can do with those around us. [As a church body,] we are only able to do so much. By connecting with other missions groups, we are able to reach areas that we normally could not reach; so by [financially] supporting other missions groups, we are able to grow the kingdom of God.

Q: You have invited area missions organizations to your church as a way to allow your members to get to know these organizations better. Explain your goals behind this missions fair.
A: According to Acts 1:8, Jesus said that “you will be my witnesses to all Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria, and all the ends of the earth.” The idea here is that we focus on the area around us, our local communities, and we also look at our regional areas, and to the ends of the earth. God did not just call us to stay in our own region, but also to expand as we are able to do so. That is the idea behind our missions vision, connecting our church with what others are doing for Christ.

Q: How does serving others enrich the one who is doing the serving?
A: God has gifted each of us differently. This missions fair not only allows these outside missions to come here and show us how God is using them, but also provides serving opportunities for our own church members. Each of these missions organizations has unique serving opportunities, positions that might fit well with individual members of our church. This provides an even greater opportunity for God’s people to reach others. It’s a give and take opportunity; not only do we support these ministries, but we can also support them with people.

Q: County Line Church offers many things to the community: food pantry, clothing pantry, building available for rent, and other services. For several years your church also volunteered to handle the food court at the TV44 auction. Why is “serving” so important to this church?
A: Jesus came to serve and so if we want to impact the kingdom of God like he did, then we want to serve also. Sometimes people will come here [for food, clothing, etc..] because of what we can offer them; but we’re not just about changing their lives [for that moment], we’re about changing their lives for the rest of their lives. We have the food pantry. We have the building and the clothing pantry, and other outreaches, but all of that is to not just impact the here and now, it’s to impact their eternal lives.

5 things we get by serving others

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