Sometimes when I walk into a gym, people chant my name.  That’s a really awesome feeling that used to go straight to my head.  It made me feel pretty important.  And I kept feeling that way.  Until, I got distracted and missed a big highlight.  Or heard the snickers of those who couldn’t believe kids were cheering for me. Pride is still a battle for me. I try not to let those situations in gymnasiums affect me like they use, but I still see the nagging shadow of pride in my everyday life.

Today was a perfect example.  I woke up without a voice.  I need to rest it.  I need to have it back to anchor Sports Report tomorrow night.  But I feel silly not answering people when they ask me a question.  I feel bad when my kids talk to me and all I can do is give them a thumbs up or a head nod.  My pride makes me want to answer and be as involved in those conversations as I usually would be.  I’m a communicator after all! That’s what I do! That’s who I am!

Sometimes pride is very evident.  You know the cocky guy on the football team.

Sometimes pride appears to be harmless.  These times can be the most dangerous.

Proverbs 16:18 couldn’t be more true for me today.  “Pride comes before destruction.”

If I allow my pride to allow my voice to strain and speak, it destroys my vocal chords even more.

How has pride invaded your life?  Is it in a big way that your friends can easily point out?  Or is it something smaller that can save you from destruction?  I encourage you to take a look.  I don’t want you falling!!

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