Friday, September 29, 2023
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Prayer at the Sunnydale House

Prayer at the Sunnydale House

How often do you drive by a construction project and see prayer underway? As the walls came down at the Sunnydale House, the site of the future Lifewise Academy in Elida, the prayer rose up.

This is a building project that’s building more than just a structure. Prayer is a key component of the process. Praying for the children who will walk through these doors. Praying for the lives who will be changed. Praying for God’s direction and God’s will to be done.

Bruce Marshall is was a longtime teacher in the Elida schools. 35 years to be exact. After retiring, he and his wife spent a year teaching overseas and now are eager to be involved in this venture- something that more than just a venture. It’s an opportunity to make a life changing difference in the lives of area elementary students.

Prayer at the Sunnydale house is a regular occurrence.  It’s just as important as the electrical projects, the framing, and all of the tangible work that is underway. It’s a key component of this project because as many involved keep saying over and over “God is all over this. We see His work every single day.”

Learn more about prayer at the Sunnydale house. Contact Joe Wassink at


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