Points of Life Markers

Yesterday was special.

Going Home

I sat in the same Planetarium that I had when I was in middle school — one of the many markers of my life.

It had been 25 years since I had climbed down the ladder of the USS Requin submarine that endured 23 years of military action, including battle in the Cold War. But I did it again on Tuesday.

It was great to visit the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, one of the best Science Centers in the country, on its own merit. But also, it serves as one with such deep connection for me, as it was a regular stop for my classmates and my family growing up in suburban Pittsburgh in the 90’s.

On top of all that, it was even more amazing to be there with my family. I can remember being on those school field trips and longing for these moments with a wife and kids. I remember when the sports exhibits were inside the original Science Center, racing against the lights of an Olympian in a sprint, or competing in a simulated wheelchair race with whomever would be next in line.

Now ‘SportsWorks’ is housed in its own building right next to the Science Center. What a joy it was to see my kids bounce from exhibit to exhibit, playing and learning with such joy.


I said many silent prayers as we went from floor to floor of this amazing land of learning yesterday, thanking God for His faithfulness to answer those prayers of a teenager many decades ago.


We see Paul with similar reflections in Acts. Three different times, his conversion on the road to Damascus is recorded (Acts 9, 22 and 26).

He had different audiences for these recollections, and I’m guessing those were three of many times he retold this story (after all, we are told to share the words of our testimony, to all who will listen!)

But, I wonder if Paul also enjoyed telling this story for his own good? Maybe he wanted the chance to relive that amazing conversion experience and to remember once again, just what God has done for him.

We see more reflection throughout the Psalms and in Hebrews as well. Time and time again, we are reminded of what God has done, and it does us good.

This Holy Week: would you build in time to reflect at how God has delivered you from the pain and hardship and loneliness of this world?

He is worthy of our praise and we will find ourselves in a better place as well!

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