Local Student Athletes Produce Commercials with TV-44

Local Student Athletes Produce Commercials with TV-44

Each year, the NWC Sportsmanship Committee and the West Ohio Sports Network partner to write, edit and produce public service announcements targeting students throughout the region. The committee, made up of student athletes from each school in the Northwest Conference, first gather together and divide themselves in to seven or eight groups. Each group takes on the task of developing a message and a concept for a public service announcement. The groups then pitch their ideas to the committee as a whole, and the top three ideas are selected to be made into commercials by WTLW/WOSN.

Welcoming our Student Athletes

This year, nearly 30 kids arrived at TV-44’s studios, ready to see their concepts come to life. They start the day explaining to the WOSN producers how they envision the PSA being recorded and edited. The students then put on their acting hats and head out for the on-location video shoot. For the last four years, Elida has hosted the production of several of these spots, generously allowing the use of the Elida Fieldhouse, locker rooms, gym, baseball field, track, football field and softball diamonds. Themes for the PSA’s often range from sportsmanship to bullying, teamwork, positivity and responsibility.

According to WOSN Sports Director Ben Rife, it’s all about serving the community:

“We continue to feel that this is just another way that we can serve the community by promoting the outstanding athletes, schools, and communities that make up our viewing area. Showing the students as more than just athletes is important as we highlight their overall abilities and accomplishments. The commercials air on our channel throughout the year, are featured on our website and social media as well as the OHSAA’s social media. In the past they have even been played on the jumbotron at the State Basketball Tournament. “

Watch this year’s top three student-produced videos below!

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