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Life Questions Pastor Spotlight: Chris Ewing

Life Questions Pastor Spotlight: Chris Ewing

Who is Chris Ewing? How does he impact the community? Why did he go into ministry? All of these questions and more are answered below.

How many years have you been a pastor?

I have been working in ministry for a little over 20 years now. I began simply volunteering with a youth group at a church in Lafayette, Ohio when I was 18. The next 4 years, I served in different volunteer positions in youth programs. While in the field with my National Guard unit, I lead Bible studies. At age 22, I was blessed to go on staff with Teens For Christ. Since then I have served at Dover Foursquare Church in Dover, Ohio as their youth pastor. Now, I am at County Line Church where I have served since May of 2013 – first as their youth/associate pastor and now as their Senior Pastor.

What initially caused you to become a pastor?

The summer following my graduation from high school I had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Trinidad with Teens For Christ. I, like many other graduating teenagers, struggled with what to do next. There, in Trinidad, on a clear night looking over the city from the patio rooftop, the Lord spoke to me about being in full-time ministry. I spent the next few years trying to obey that call but by my own means and not God’s. It was not until I stopped trying to mold God’s plan into my own did God open doors for me.

What are some of the best parts of your job?

The best part of my job is that I get to share Jesus with others every day. Then (this is the absolute best part) I get to sit back and watch Him move; see Jesus transform lives, heal the broken, and give hope to the hopeless. I’ve had the privilege of watching the Lord take lost, empty people and fill them with His supernatural joy. Watching God’s miracles unfold before my eye is the best thing ever!

Talk about your church

We offer Sunday School at 9:30am and a Main Worship Service at 10:30am (nursery and children church are available). Every Sunday Evening we have our youth group, men’s bible study, and women’s bible study at 7pm. We have an Intercessory Prayer group that meets twice a month. The Food and Clothing Pantry serves a 10 mile radius from our church and meets weekly. Our Women’s Fellowship Ministry, Seniors Ministry, and several events occur throughout the year.

We are located in the midst of cornfields at 4227 N. Hardin Rd. Harrod, Ohio 45850. For questions or more information, contact us by phone (419-649-5364), by email (, or on the web (

At County Line Church, we dedicate ourselves to Seeking God, Building Believers, and Restoring the Broken. We are a country church filled with redeemed people simply trying to live out God’s word and His calling for us the best we can. We love to learn, worship, and fellowship with others. And most importantly, we have a desire to see lives transformed by God. The Spirit of God moves through County Line Church!

Pastor Ewing in his office with vintage comic books.

Tell us more about you- your family- and your hobbies

I graduated from Allen East High School in 1999. My beautiful wife, Anna, and I have been married for over 14 years. We live just outside of Bluffton, Ohio (Go Pirates!) with our fantastically frustrating children. (Ages 12, 9, and 6) We wouldn’t trade them for the world, most days. If you walk into my office, you will see several Spider-man comics framed on the wall and Lego sets on the top of my bookshelves. I enjoy watching cartoons with (or without) my kids. I also like to be in the know (my wife calls it being a Know-it-all), so I love to learn and debate. Also, I enjoy spending my time working on our land and Friday date days with my wife.

Simply, I’m a guy who loves Jesus. I was lost and hopeless. Now I am redeemed and have a hope for a future. Every blessing that I have is from Him and though I am thankful, I know it is only because of Jesus I am where I am. I may be the Senior Pastor of County Line Church, but really I’m just the same as anyone else walking through the doors, a person in need of a Savior. I preach from the floor, because I want to be with the people as God teaches all of us together.

Share an encouraging Bible verse that we can pass on to the TV-44 viewing family

My favorite verse is Exodus 33:18, “I pray you, show me your glory.”

The fact that Moses went from trying to get out of the call of God in chapters 3 and 4 to standing in front of God to save his people in chapter 32 and then in chapter 33 stands in front of God demanding to see His glory is just amazing. This transformation within Moses life took only 8 months, roughly. If Moses, a murderer who denied God, can make such a transformation and have such an intimate relationship with God in that short of a time, then so can we.

Why are you thankful for TV-44?

TV-44 has been spreading the word of God in our area for decades. Your ministry encourages many and gives hope where it is needed most. I’m thankful that those on staff not only look at the ratings for a program, but also what the program communicates and how it could be used to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Once again, here are the details to connect with Pastor Christ Ewing and his church:

4227 N. Hardin Rd. Harrod, Ohio 45850

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