#Fitfor2018: Tips to stay on track

Tips to Stay on Track

A lot of time seems to go by once the new year starts, doesn’t it?! And with that time, our goals can easily be shoved into the backseat. If you remember, our focus for January was about staying Fit: mentally, physically, and spiritually. Today, I want to give you 5 Tips to stay on track that you can easily include in your day-to-day.

1. Pack a lunch

This may not seem like a valuable tip, but I can’t tell you how easy it is to spend unnecessary calories on fast food, candy, and mystery meat from the vending machine. Not only is it an intentional way to save money (literally, an average of $1,300 per year!), but it’s a conscious way of eating better with intention and regularity. When we build systems, our bodies get used to those habits that begin to show in other areas of our lives!

2. Set phone reminders

I have a daily alarm clock that tells me when to get up every morning. It works and I’m betting yours does, too! We all need accountability to keep us pursuing our dreams, responsibilities, and personal growth. So why wouldn’t we set reminders to stand up and walk, get a glass of water, or do a few jumping jacks? Your reminder(s) can literally be for anything that you’re not in the habit of yet. Build up that self-esteem with little breaks of inspiration to keep you motivated! Then, watch yourself looking forward to those moments in your day!

3. Get a water bottle

This one is my favorite tip to date. Inspired by a family member who always brought her mug of water to Sunday lunch, her habit became an inspiration to me everytime I passed the water container section at the grocery…you know, the ones with the hard plastic straws? I finally bought one (an insulated Bubba brand — hey, it was the coolest one that would motivate me the most) and filled my cup when I got home. Since then, I cannot tell you how much I ACTUALLY drink water! Somehow, I sip and refill it multiple times a day. I can genuinely say it’s a craving that tastes delicious!! And as an added bonus, I don’t get hungry near as often and my skin feels cleaner than it ever has! Just from a simple inspiration (Thanks, Becca)!

4. Do this with someone

How many times have you started exercise routines, eating habits, and new lifestyles only to find yourself over it when it starts getting harder? This is me. I always have great intentions but I’ll usually find myself making promises to my future-self. “When the weather gets nicer” or “When this event gets closer” or “When I’m done with this commitment”, etc. It’s TOTALLY normal! Like I said, we live in systems (even if your system is “no system at all”) so it’s just about going against the habits our minds are already used to. Preaching to myself when I say, it’s so much better finding someone to commit to something with you. Because their system is a little different than your personal one, you’ll have different moments of strength that will push and balance each other in the goals you want to achieve.

5. It starts with your “why”

So many times, our fitness goals (whether physical, mental, or spiritual) are created out of comparison or shame and we’re setting ourselves up to fail if we keep those two things as our foundation. The devil is always out to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10), so why would we be surprised when he tempts us with these “why’s” in the first place? Is it true that we should be healthy in all areas of life? YES and AMEN! But it’s because Jesus wants us to live a full life (John 10:10).

God is in the business of restoration, but he isn’t rushed in getting us there for time’s sake. He cares more about the condition of our “why’s” than any achievement. So, it’s okay to take it one day at a time and decide that you’re doing this for no one but you. There is wisdom in a healthy lifestyle and true freedom begins with your why.

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