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#Fitfor2018: A Fit Bible Reading Life

#Fitfor2018: A Fit Bible Reading Life

Does reading your Bible excite you? How often can we skip reading our Bible? These are the questions Jennifer Beck and Ashley Stuart discuss as our #Fitfor2018 focus looks at a fit Bible reading life.

”How do I read the Bible?”

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Did you start in Genesis and work your way through the Bible book by book? Did you jump in at the New Testament and read it first? Or, were you like my dad who started in Revelation?

Reading our Bible is our responsibility and we shouldn’t rely on others to feed us the Word. Ashley understood this when she gave everything to God, trusting in the Holy Spirit to teach her. She began with Matthew and read the New Testament beginning to end. This changed her entire perspective of God’s heart, His Personality, and His love for us.

The Greatest Story

What changed Jennifer’s perspective on the Bible was when she read it straight through, Genesis to Revelation, reading two chapter per day until she completed the entire Bible. This is when the deepness, the magnificence of the entire Biblical story became alive to her.

”How much do I read?”

Another common question you may have asked yourself, both Ashley and Jennifer related stories of their inability to move beyond a particular passage. Instead, they read it over and over. Jennifer started a yearly reading plan; by December, she had made it three months in. It wasn’t that she quit, but rather that she was so excited about what she was reading that she couldn’t move beyond that particular chapter.

Is it okay to skip days?

Being consistent is key. We need the Word in our heart every single day. This might look differently to you than it does to me. Perhaps it’s just one chapter or verse, or other times it may be a yearly reading plan. Let the Spirit guide you, and if He “keeps” you on a particular verse, one that you can’t just move past, it might be a sign there’s something there you need to be digesting.

God isn’t up there with a gavel ready to beat us over the head if we miss a day: dust yourself off and get right back into it the next day!

Tips for a Fit Bible Reading Life

Technology is at our fingertips: use it for good by downloading the Bible app, or by logging on to BibleGateway each morning from your smartphone or computer.

The most important thing is consistency. Start with just a verse, then a chapter, and see where God takes you!

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