Monday, September 25, 2023
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Can you change God’s mind?

Can you change God’s mind?

Here are some of the topics and questions presented to this week’s Life Questions panel. “I have friends who are twins. Both grew up in a Christian home. One twin has a strong faith and the other one has rejected it. I don’t understand how the two can be so difference since they had similar upbringings.” “If I am interpreting the Bible correctly, Moses changed God’s mind when God wanted to destroy the Israelites. Does this mean we too have the ability to change God’s mind?” “I have been talking to a friend about God. He says he needs proof to believe. He says I cannot prove things in the Bible.”

Ted Bible: St. Mark’s UMC, Lima
Jeremy Thompson: Paulding Church of the Nazarene
Russ Thomas: The Gathering Place & New Creation Luth., Elida
Chris Ewing: County Line Church, Lafayette/Harrod


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