Green beans

We have some interesting conversations at the dinner table.  Yesterday, my 7-year-old Nathan was finishing his green beans and the following conversation took place.

Leah: Finish your beans.
Nathan: I’m done.
Me: No you’re not, you still have beans on your plate.
Nathan:  I ate the inside of the beans. I just didn’t eat the wrapper.
Me: That’s still part of the bean!

Then a sly smile appeared on his face as we all laughed.  I think he really thought all he needed to eat was the inside beans and not the entire bean (including the wrapper!)

I told that story to a Pastor friend today and he said, “That sounds like a sermon illustration!”  As we talked more, we came up with one.

How many of us grew up knowing we needed to make Jesus the Savior of our lives?  We wanted the assurance of Heaven and understood that we were (are) sinners in need of someone to forgive us and save us.

But do we make Him the Lord of our life?  Do we wake up each morning, asking God to guide our steps and then living in the moment with the Holy Spirit’s guidance throughout the day?

I think some days, or weeks, or seasons, a lot of us, just eat the inside beans and leave the wrapper on the plate.  We’re covered.  We’re forgiven.  But are we walking with Him moment by moment, waiting to see what He has for us next?

Paul lives this out so beautifully in Act 20:22-24:

And now, behold, bound by the Spirit, I am on my way to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there, 23 except that the Holy Spirit solemnly testifies to me in every city, saying that bonds and afflictions await me. 24 But I do not consider my life of any account as dear to myself, so that I may finish my course and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify solemnly of the gospel of the grace of God.

Let’s make sure and eat our beans everyday, and see what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, feeds us, through the Holy Spirit.

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