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90 Days of Prayer

90 Days of Prayer

How does a fire start? With just one little spark. That was the message I walked away with after attending the 90 Days of Prayer meeting at the YMCA on Monday Evening. Don Beckmann organized this meeting as a kick off for the prayer initiative that starts on February 3rd. Support is growing across the region for this preamble to the National Day of Prayer in May.

From the beginning, Don felt a call to unity. God kept bringing this idea of praying for 90 days back to Don’s mind, and finally a pastor friend told Don, “You just need to do it. Bite the bullet and do it!.” As it turns out, the theme for the National Day of Prayer is also unity. It was a confirmation to Don and Teresa Lee, coordinator for the National Day of Prayer, that God was leading this.

Praying Daily

Prayer topics for each of the 90 days were passed out to those in attendance, and you can download a copy of them HERE. Praying together isn’t a part of anyone’s agenda; rather, it’s simply what Don feels God wants us to do.

Let Don’s words sink in: “What would happen if we got 10,000 people a day praying for the same topic?” Just imagine this for a moment and consider the implications!

God’s been busy

Don related several praise reports to those in attendance as to how God has been working. Media organizations across the region are supporting this including TV 44 and WTGN. Both stations will have the daily topic to pray for on our respective billboards. In addition, Lamar has donated advertising space on their Cable Road billboard. The spot that you’ll see typically runs $5,000, but Lamar graciously donated the spot for free. In addition, yard signage typically runs well over $10, but the vendor has given them to Don at cost.

Promoting the 90 Days of Prayer

Besides praying with us, getting the word out is the biggest thing you can do to help. Yard signs will be available to pick up at our station starting next week. Will you join with us, together, praying daily for our community?

5 ways your support matters

The ministry of TV 44 is made possible by the individuals and businesses who support us through donations. Discover the critical impact of your decision to support us.

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