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8 Facets of Life: Faith

8 Facets of Life: Faith

Chris Conley developed his 8 Facets of Life system, with the aim for you to live life to the fullest. These are common sense approaches to finding balance in your life, of which the final component is the bedrock: faith.

First things first

Are you an Easter or Christmas crowd Christian? Making church attendance your priority is the first step. It’s never too late to start your faith journey, but take the first step and find a church.

5 things we get by serving others

Jesus instructs us to lead through servant leadership. When we obey His commands there are things that we get out of it. Learn what those are in our free guide.

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What does it mean to mature over time? Our parents tried to teach us that we reap what we sow, so the more that we sow the more we reap. Galatians 6 teaches that we have to give first, and later in life, we reap those benefits. While this is not a guarantee of an earthly reward, it is a guarantee of a heavenly reward.

The Bible teaches that some Christians are like a baby, still needing milk. Others, as they mature, take the next step and grow by getting more involved with their church.

Faith, without action, is useless

Be prepared to preach a sermon anytime, and if necessary, use words. The life that we live is what makes the difference in the sermon we “preach” to others. A lot of this goes back to prayer, getting a sense of where the Lord is leading us. We need to continue in the Word, learning more about our faith.

“8 Facets of Life” is a series of tips from Chris Conley. To watch the rest of the Facets of Life, click any one of the videos below.


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