2017 Christmas Specials on TV 44

2017 Christmas Specials WTLW TV 44

WTLW TV 44 2017 Christmas Specials

Enjoy family friendly, inspirational programming all Christmas Season long on TV 44 with our 2017 Christmas Specials! Starting at 4pm each night, these begin on Monday, December 18 and run straight through to Christmas. Then, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, be sure to catch Holiday Music Festival with your family!

Monday December 18:
4pm: Miracle on 34th Street
Tuesday, December 19:
4pm: Summertime Christmas
Wednesday, December 20:
4pm: Angel Doll
5:30pm: Father Knows Best Christmas
11pm: Christmas with the Annie Moses Band
Thursday, December 21:
4pm: Homeless for the Holidays
Friday, December 22:
4pm: Mr Scrooge to You
9pm: Christmas Across America, Small Town Big Deal Celebration
Saturday, December 23:
8pm: Gaithers: Christmas – A Time for Joy
10pm: A Christmas Carol (1951 edition with Alastair Sim)

Holiday Music Festival Air Times

Sunday, December 24, 4:00pm & 10pm
Monday, December 25: 7:00am & 12:00pm

2018 Downloadable Calendar

We created a couple of free gifts for you! Download one of our 2018 calendars: one with an inspirational theme or another with encouraging scriptures. Just click the button below to be taken to the download page!

Click here to download them!


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