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With One Accord

With One Accord

“Death is defeated. The King is alive.”

As Good Friday services kicked off around the world, a Lima public high school auditorium was transformed into a house of praise.

“We come to celebrate the One God. Regardless of our church or denomination, we represent the same Kingdom. Let’s give God praise for unity.” said Pastor Damian Tibbs, of New Life Christian Ministries.

3 Church Bodies = 1 Church

Pastor Tibbs and members of New Life joined Pastors Darnell & Charlene Williams of New Life Church International, Pastor Brandon Green of Calvary Chapel of Praise, and dozens of members of the Lima community for “With One Accord”, a unified Good Friday service.

That unified group of worshipers formed one worship team, leading a nearly full auditorium in choruses of praise to the One who conquered death and the devil.

“There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain.”

“What a powerful name it is; the name of Jesus.”

Simon of Cyrene

“A farmer coming up for feast day suddenly found himself in an unexpected situation.” Featured guest speaker for the “With One Accord” Good Friday service was Bishop Richad Hilton, of Johnson City, TN. “We don’t know if he knew about Jesus, but we know he ended up carrying the cross.”

The cross was the key theme of Bishop Hilton’s sermon, with an emphasis on the cross needing to be the key theme of all Christian’s lives.

“When Jesus was in the grave, He was still working.” Hilton said. “Jesus is still working in your life now. He could have called on supernational strength and not gone through the torturous death.; but the cross was planned long ago. It was planned for all of us”


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