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Tried and True, Homemade Healthy Remedies to Beat the Winter Cold

Tried and True, Homemade Healthy Remedies to Beat the Winter Cold

A few weeks ago we posted a picture on the TV-44 Facebook page of Jennifer holding a Traditional Medicinal’s Throat Coat Tea Bag. With cold season upon us, we wanted to find out some of your tried and true cold fighting traditions.

Thanks to so many great ideas, Jennifer invited Patrick Kamler and Andy Lynch to try their hand and making a few of the cold fighting concoctions.

Essential Oils

Krista suggested essential oils and so did Rosanne. In fact, Rosanne said: “I usually start downing Airborne and also steam tea tree oil and inhale it at the first sign of a cold/sore throat. It’s amazing how many times that wards things off!”

Have any of you used Listerine? Becky is a believe in it’s germ fighting ability. “Gargle for 30 seconds as directed with Listerine, especially before bedtime. We like the Orange Citrus. I also drink the honey and cinnamon drink to soothe my throat during the day. Don’t add the honey until the water cools a bit. I read you should never add honey to boiling water.”

Raw Honey

According to, “Tea and coffee are generally made with water that is either boiling or close to it, which is around 212 F. That temperature is high enough to burn your mouth, and it is also high enough to destroy the nutrients in raw honey. Letting your tea or coffee cool to a drinkable temperature may help raw honey keep its nutritional value.”

Honey, cinnamon, and lemon were three “beat the cold remedies” mentioned many times.  If you haven’t yet watched the video posted above, with Jennifer, Andy, and Patrick, make sure you do! They attempt to create their own honey, cinnamon, and lemon concoction based on many of the suggestions by TV-44 Facebook Friends.

Hot Lemonade!

“ Hot lemonade!” said, Jan. “Just put water in tea cup with lemon slice and I add tsp honey.”

Eric’s recipe was similar, but swapped cinnamon for the lemon. “A cup of hot water with big heaping tbsp of cinnamon and honey.”

And others suggested using all three!

Finally, former TV-44 employee, Sheri Ketner, suggested her own tried and true way to stay on the healthy side. What does Sheri recommend? Move to Florida!

What is your “beat the cold” remedy? We’d love to hear from you!

Just as a reminder, we at TV-44 are not doctors and cannot make medical suggestions, so please don’t replace these ideas for a necessary consultation with your doctor!


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