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To Mars and Beyond!

To Mars and Beyond!

Cable Rd. Alliance transforms into an outer space galaxy for Vacation Bible School!

Volunteers with the Cable Road Alliance Vacation Bible School, tell us about their fun week, in their own words:

Mission Control

Sheena Clevenger: “I am Mission Commander Sheena, and I’m with my sidekick, EP-320, our robot. His name actually comes from our theme verse, which is Ephesians 3:20. The kids are learning it this year through sign language.

EP-320 and I the controllers of the Mars Outpost. We get our missions from the Starship Galaxy. They give us the missions and we give them to the kids so they know what planet they’re going to and what element they’re thinking about.”

To Mars and Beyond

Ellie Benroth: “Our theme this year is ‘To Mars and Beyond.’ We are learning 5 key elements: faith, boldness, thankfulness, kindness, and hope.

In games, we’re using activities that illustrate these different elements. In crafts today [Thursday], we’re doing a footprint for thankfulness, showing that as a person walks across the earth, we can show thankfulness for the things God has given us. In story time, we are learning about the leper who came back to show his thankfulness. Each station brings home the main focus.

God Loves Them as Individuals

The first thing we want them to walk away with is the fact that God loves them as individuals. They were created for a purpose. Even though they are children, there are ways for them to illustrate God’s love. They can do that by showing faith, by being bold in their own ministry, and showing thankfulness in the things God has given them, and kindness is one way to express God’s love.

We hope what they take away from this is that God loves them, but that even though they are kids, they have a job and a purpose that God has created them for.”

Stay Tuned!

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