Time. People. Relationships. Jesus.


In just 4 days time, I celebrated with one friend whose MRI shows a Triple Negative diagnosed breast cancer tumor to be gone.

I cried over the reality that another triple negative patient, a 43 year old woman who fought breast cancer for 5 years passed away, her husband and two teenagers left on this earth without her.

I celebrated my own 20 week mark of weekly treatments and forward progress; and I praised God when another friend, fighting stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, got news that her 6 month cancer marker test numbers remain stable.


Without a doubt you either know someone with cancer, have had cancer yourself, or are facing it now. Cancer brings a world of treatment options, questions, fears. Some days the patient is roaring with a will to fight and other days it’s a fight to simply not give up.

If this is you, or if this is someone you love, keep your eyes on what matters, who matters, and the time we are given.

What Really Matters

You may have read my recent post talking about cleaning up clutter. I’ve given myself a one month challenge to clean up one area of my house, and today I noticed that while I removed 8 things from that area earlier in the week, yesterday I added 3 more. Hmm, I’m not really making forward progress. But as I was not making forward progress there, I also spent this past week with my parents at my daughter’s swim meet in Toledo, where we watched her swim the fastest she’s ever swam in her life. I watched 3 episodes of a show on Netflix with my family. I ate dinner with my husband, and we just talked. And while in Columbus yesterday for my weekly treatments, I actually sat down at a restaurant to give myself some down time instead of taking it to go.

I still have my eye on meeting my January 31 goal of getting rid of the clutter spot, but my eye is on a bigger goal.

Time. People, Relationships. Jesus.

If you are missing any of these in your life, I pray you can center down enough to know how to find them.

Cancer brings celebrations. Cancer brings tears. Cancer brings fear. Cancer brings out the fight. But cancer in many cases has brought people together. And that, in the midst of a lot of bad junk, is a good thing.


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