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Safe Thus Far: An Interview with Author Brian Williams

Safe Thus Far: An Interview with Author Brian Williams

“Why am I here? What is my purpose?” If you’ve ever found yourself asking God these questions, maybe you can gain some comfort from the testimony of author Brian Williams. He has written a book, Safe Thus Far, My Testimony, that dives into all kinds of typical situations to which any of us can relate.

Facing them With God

We have to make a choice: will we face our battles with God or on own? Brian chose to face them with God. The essence of his book is that Brian chose to look to God when dealing with doubt and insecurities. He recognized that God has his best interest at heart.

Brian wrote a personal message of encouragement on the back of his book: “For any Christian that is struggling with friends, prayer, doubt, abstinence, insecurities, or just trying to find your purpose in life, this detailed journey of a single man’s story is proof that God can handle it all if we just ask.”

“I’m a redhead.”

We’ve all gone through things in life. God made us each a certain way, yet man will tell us it’s not right. But even in things as simple as this Brian is saying “You gotta stick with God.” While Brian faced insecurities at a young age from having red hair, he’s also faced others such as comparing himself to other people.

One day it hit him: criticizing himself is criticizing God’s work and what He’s done in Brian’s life. And that’s when Brian realized he needed to accept himself for who God made him.

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Church Hurt

Another topic Brian addresses in his book is one many of us can relate to: being hurt in church. While Brian didn’t allow it to keep him out of church, it was still a tough hurdle to face. We put God’s people on a higher pedestal than we should, and so when we get hurt it can be even more painful to face them.

Brian had to take a step back and realize that none of us are perfect. We all have our struggles and simply need to move past our imperfection in forgiveness.

I stayed away

It can be hard to trust. Brian allowed his past hurts to keep him isolated from others for fear of allowing potential pain to come between him and God. There’s always something going on in everyone’s life, and as hurt is something that can easily consume us, it can take away our focus on God.

Regardless, Brian learned that, ultimately, it is worth it to trust again. God always has a plan and can use pain to take us to a place much higher than we’ve ever been before.

Safe Thus Far by author Brian Williams can be purchased from many area bookstores as well as online from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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