Round and Round the Mountain…Still

Round and Round the Mountain Still

For the third night in a row, it has stopped me in my tracks. After just 3 short verses, I could not go on.

Wow. God is so like that.

I’m referring to Deuteronomy 2:1-3. I am quoting from The Scriptures, so forgive me for words that may seem unusual to you.

“Then we turned and set out into the wilderness, the way of the Sea of Reeds, as Yahweh spoke to me, and we went around Mount Se’ir in many days. And Yahweh spoke to me, saying, ‘You have gone around this mountain long enough, turn northward.’”

Boom. Three days in a row. God made me stop right there and think. Round and round and round they went. The Bible says for “many days” but doesn’t indicate if that meant 4 or 40. Finally, God said, “you have gone around this mountain long enough. You have gone around this mountain long enough, turn northward.” Phew.

If you look at the situations in your life, would you consider any of them a mountain?

If so, do you feel like you’re stuck going round and round instead of conquering them? Too often, it is easy to think we know God’s timeline, or maybe know it better. However, God can see so much further ahead than we can and just might realize that spending a little more time going around the mountain is necessary before we are able to reach the plateau and find freedom from our issues.

As it turns out, Deuteronomy 2:4 and beyond goes on to reveal the fact that after the Israelites stopped going around and around the mountain, they next had to cross through some enemy territory. In fact, a lot of enemy territory. God knew what was coming next and how much”round and round”time was needed before they would venture through.

If you feel like you’re going round and round in a situation, yet all the while are trusting God for His leading, recognize that as He sees what lies ahead, possibly, He realizes that either you or those you will soon encounter need more time; more time before He says, “You have gone around this mountain long enough, turn northward.”

And while the waiting “to turn northward” can be so difficult, (you might be saying “difficult” doesn’t even begin to describe it) I pray right now that you discover an ability for patience, and a desire to “learn all you can as you round the mountain.”

Once God moves you onward, you will look back and know the timing was perfect.

-Written by Jennifer Beck, Faith & Friends TV Producer and Co-Host

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