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ROAR! Life is wild and God is good in St. Mary’s!

ROAR! Life is wild and God is good in St. Mary’s!

Vacation Bible Schools are underway and the TV -44 camera crew got a chance to find out what is worth “Roaring about” with a recent visit to a joint VBS in St. Mary’s.

Wayne St. United Methodist Church and Zion Lutheran, located just across the street from one another, partnered together this year to present: “Roar! Life is Wild! God is good!”

Kids in pre-K through 6th grade enjoyed a full week of evening festivities, with middle and high school aged kids volunteering alongside adults to make this fun event a success.

Without a doubt, Vacation Bible School events are highlights each year for area kids. Between 70-80 kids could be found attending this fun outing in St. Mary’s. They enjoyed a light meal at the start of each night, followed by each evening of faith filled fun and meaningful messages.

Organizers say this join VBS is a reflection of how a community can work together. The two church congregations started meeting in January, to prepare everything from meals, to crafts, to the message for this year’s VBS. Zion Lutheran is led by Pastor William Maki. Wayne Street UMC is led by Pastor Tim Benjamin.

And what is the most important takeaway? Jesus loves you no matter what’s going on in your life.

Watch for more VBS spotlights this summer on TV-44. Learn about upcoming events by visiting the 2019 Ultimate VBS Guide here.

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