Kelli Getz


    As our Program Manager, Kelli is responsible for finding, and scheduling the programs we air on WTLW. The Christian and family-based programming you see on TV 44 is a result of Kelli’s strategic planning of what shows are on the air and what time they are scheduled. Co-workers know her as someone always willing to listen but also share a good story, connecting with those around her through conversation.

    Kelli joined TV 44 in 1989, and by working here she met her eventual husband, Wayne. They wed in 1992 and have two children, Jessica and Chase. Family is important to Kelli and this is reflected in her favorite book of the Bible, Ruth. The story speaks to Kelli as a demonstration that God can use whoever He pleases however He pleases.

    Her faith is reflected in her most common weekend activity: going to church with Wayne. Besides that, she also enjoys reading, attending grandkids sporting events, and riding bikes. Kelli has lived in a variety of places including California and England — attending 9 different schools between kindergarten and high school.

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    Most importantly, I am just an ordinary man saved by an amazing grace I do not deserve. I believe integrity is of the utmost importance. Personally, I am a husband and father. My family matters immensely to me and everything I do is because of and for them.