Jennifer Beck

    Jennifer Beck WTLW TV 44 Director of Marketing

    Jennifer Beck is a mom, wife, grandma, a swim parent, a homeschooling teacher, an athlete, a health-food junkie, and a collector of clutter (last one, not by choice) as well as a TV broadcaster. She originally planned to be an architect, and has a love for historical buildings; but she chose broadcasting because, quite frankly, she wasn’t a fast enough runner to make it to the Olympics and thought a TV career might still get her there.

    Broadcasting hasn’t gotten her to the Olympics, but Jennifer does have a long list of favorite memories which include interviewing Charlton Heston, covering a debate between Jay Sekulow and Patricia Ireland, and attending the Big 10 Coaches Clinic (which included an interview with Joe Paterno).

    All of those pale in comparison to the main thing she has received through her career: a life-saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Jennifer interned with TV 44 in the early 90s and that is when she truly saw Jesus in action. The people at TV 44 lived their lives in ways that made her stop and analyze her own: soon she, too, became sold out to living a life for Jesus.

    Jennifer spent several years as a prime time news anchor elsewhere, but “went home” at the end of 2001 to be a stay at home mom and homeschooling teacher. This led to a career as a speaker and convention coordinator, but in late 2011 God called the Beck family back to Lima and Jennifer returned to TV 44.

    In addition to on-air talent, producing, and videography work, Jennifer is the Director of Marketing at TV 44, coordinates the auction, and if the sports department is shorthanded, you just might see her in one of her favorite places: on the sidelines of a Friday night high school sporting event.

    Jennifer lives her life according to the principles outlined in Numbers 9:15-23. Take a moment and read it. Is your cloud settled or is it lifted? Contact Jennifer if you have questions about this!

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    Most importantly, I am just an ordinary man saved by an amazing grace I do not deserve. I believe integrity is of the utmost importance. Personally, I am a husband and father. My family matters immensely to me and everything I do is because of and for them.