The message was clear as the music blasted noise out of the radio in our van.

“I am the shepherd.”

“I am the ultimate sacrifice for sin.”

“I am Jehovah and I am the King.”

“I am the resurrection and I am the life.”

“I am your freedom, this very hour.”

“I am your future so leave your past behind.”

I was soaking in the truth of the Eddie James song, “I Am,” loving every remind of who God is.  But that clarity was short-lived.  As the song was still playing, I heard arguing from the backseat.  I heard discord.  Then I heard a pleading for intervention.  My attention was averted to a very important matter of who got to wear the headphones (We only have 1 wireless pair).

Nathan said it was his turn cause Anna had them yesterday.  Anna was sure it was her turn because Nathan wore them two days in a row.

A moment of worship, interrupted.

A clear message from God, muffled.

The truth for all time, replaced by the truth of the moment that was very different in each of my kids minds.

Isn’t this what we deal with on a daily basis?

We have moments of beautiful communion with the Lord, and then the noise comes in.

The steady voice of God is drown out by other voices invading our world, vying for our attention and our time.  The world doesn’t even knock on the door of our minds; it simply barges in and starts demanding.

“I am.”

God’s song continues to sing to us, but we lose focus and eventually it becomes background noise.

He never stops speaking.  We stop listening.

Until, we push the noise out and lock the door.  Then we can retreat to the speaker to let Him remind us again.  Here we are again.  Where we find peace and rest and hope.

“I am.”

He is.

He is our Shepherd

He is our sacrifice for sin.

He is Jehovah and He is our King.

He is the resurrection and He is the Life.

He is our freedom, this very hour.

He is our future, so leave your past behind.

He is.

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