Lizzie Chung- Her Eyes are on God as She Pursues a Cure for MS


This 17 year old Delphos Jefferson senior has goals for her life. In May, 2022, not only will Lizzie Chung graduate from high school, but she also plans to graduate from The Ohio State University with a B.S. in Biology, a Pre-Med focus. Lizzie is currently completing an internship with Harvard. But the inspiration behind all of these accomplishments is what makes Lizzie’s testimony amazing.

Lizzie lost her dad in the summer of 2018, after a long battle with MS. Now she is completing a medical research internship, not her first…. and she has her eyes on finding a cure for the disease that claimed her father’s life.

We invite you to enjoy Jennifer Beck’s conversation with Lizzie Chung, a young lady who is looking to God to give her strength, courage, and direction as she pursues a top level medical career.


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