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Life Questions Season 1, Episode 20:

Life Questions Season 1, Episode 20:

Pastoral Panel:
Neal Whitney
LaBarron Cox
Dave Burkhart
Ted Bible

Questions from the audience: “My sister’s son has a drug problem. I feel like my sister is enabling him by allowing him to live at home, and not expecting him to work. I don’t know how to talk to her.”

I really want to live a Christian life but it is so hard to say no to temptations. Too often I find myself doing the wrong ting and I feel so badly afterwards.

We can choose the sin, but we can’t choose the consequences.

Jesus battled temptation with scripture.

How do we deal with child evangelism?

As a born again Christian who deals with mental health issues, and has contemplated suicide in the past, my question is: can a Christian really have these issues?

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