Life Questions Season 1, Episode 19: Family Issues, Bible Study & More

Life Questions Season 2 Episode 19 -

Welcome to this week’s Life Questions show. Here are the hot topics on this episode.

A viewer writes: “My brother and his girlfriend have been living together and they want my husband and me to help them move. But feel if we do so, we are encouraging him to live a sinful lifestyle. What should we do?”

Another viewer states: “I’m no the best reader, but I really want to study the Bible. Can you give me direction on how to start?”

This week’s panel also discusses human trafficking, the role of the church to help curb this issue, and addresses the issue of enabling.

A viewer writes, “My sister’s son has a drug problem. I feel like my sister is enabling him by allowing him to live at home, and not expecting him to work. I don’t know how to talk to my sister.” 

This week’s panel:

Pastor Neal Whitney, The Church at Allentown

Pastor Dave Burkhart Westminser United Methodist

Pastor Ted Bible, St. Mark’s United Methodist

Pastor LaBarron Cox, Christian Cornerstone Ministries

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