Life Questions Season 1 Episode 13: What is a proper response to mass shooting situations?


On this week’s life questions, our panelists, Pastors Chris Ewing, Nathan Branim, Jonathan Hanover, and Angie Chung focus on some relevant topics in today’s society:

El Paso TX and Dayton, OH

This episode of Life Questions was filmed just days after the tragic shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH. What is the role of Christians during these tragedies? Some people have started to say “thoughts and prayers aren’t working.” How are people of faith to respond?


Many people are asking why God would allow these things to happen. What is the Biblical perspective on this question. How does one properly answer it?


A tragedy like the Dayton shooting situation, or any tragic situation, will require healing. When a person needs healing, what is the right step for a Christian to take, to be a servant in that process

What is your Life Question?

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  1. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful information and insights into dealing with tragedy
    Thanks for clearly showing how The Church in these days should be teaching and helping people deal with tragedy, both the sufferers and the comforters
    I speak as one who experienced deep tragedy in my own life but thanks be to God, my knowledge of Him before the tragedy, my faith being founded on The Rock Christ Jesus and not on sand, God’s Word which is so powerful, His abiding Presence and Peace, support of family and friends, grasping that God is Sovereign and He loves me unconditionally and more than I can grasp and that He makes beauty out of ashes and so much more gave me hope as I walked my dark tunnel.
    Was a real difficult journey which sometimes seemed hopeless but He always stayed with me and when I was too weak to go further, He carried me. And now I have proved that He does turn mourning into joy and He has given me new purpose and fresh joy. I am now a ‘healed wounded who must help wounded people heal the same way God healed me.
    Great ministry your broadcast. God continue to bless you richly so that you can bless others the same way🙏

    • Joy, thank you for reaching out and leaving a comment! It is so encouraging to hear how the Lord has been faithful to you! He is so good! We are praying that He would draw you even nearer to Him this week. Blessings and stay in touch!


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