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Heartbeat of Lima October 8 Fundraising Event

Heartbeat of Lima October 8 Fundraising Event

Keynote speaker, Mike Spencer, and Heartbeat Executive Director, Patti Kennedy, join Jennifer Beck to talk about the importance of the Heartbeat of Lima Fundraising Event.

Due to restrictions involving covid-19, Heartbeat is not able to hold their banquet in 2020. Instead, TV-44 will be broadcasting the event live, October 8. 6pm. The event is also to be livestreamed at

When TV-44 learned that Heartbeat of Lima and Putnam County might not be able to hold their annual fundraising banquet due to Covid-19 related restrictions, our staff immediately started discussing what could be done to make sure Heartbeat could still hold an event of some kind.

“This is a really important fundraiser for us.” said Patti Kennedy, Heartbeat executive director. “ But,  with covid going on, we really want to take our donors into consideration and as much as the funds are needed, we didn’t want to put our needs over their health.”

So instead of canceling, like many organizations have been forced to do this year with their events, Heartbeat decided to move their fundraiser to the TV-44 studio, where it will be broadcast live on October 8, 6pm.

“Our plan is to air the event live on TV-44, and livestream it on the website.” Said Jennifer Beck, TV-44 Director of Marketing.  “Heartbeat phone volunteers will be on site at TV-44 during the live event to take donation calls. We recognize the lifesaving mission of Heartbeat of Lima and want to do what we can to help the ministry continue with their mission.”

Heartbeat of Lima and Putnam County has been serving the northwest Ohio region since 1973, making it one of the earliest centers to open. Since 1973, the center has grown to two offices and one satellite location, offering ultrasounds and many other services to expectant parents. “Our testing is free. We also have parenting classes that start during pregnancy and continue until the child is 3 years old. We want to help [the parents] build good parenting skills and life skills.” Said Kennedy.

Mike Spencer, a Celina native and national pro-life speaker, is this year’s keynote speaker. “Not only is the unborn child a human being, but is a whole human person. These little ones really are our unborn neighbors. We have a moral duty to our neighbors, whether our neighbor has been beaten and abandoned in a ditch, or is denied legal protection and abandoned in the womb.  This is the defining moral issue of our day. Everyone who is in on human dignity and human quality should be in on this battle.”

Join us for the Heartbeat of Lima Annual Fundraising Live Event, Thursday, October 8, 6pm, on TV-44. To learn more about Heartbeat of Lima and Putnam County, visit


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