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Hear The Amazing Story Of How One Man’s Life Was Saved…

Hear The Amazing Story Of How One Man’s Life Was Saved…

Every bone in his face was pretty much crushed.

50% of the floor of his mouth was completely gone.

And for 6 miles, a medic lay on top of Sergeant Major Doug Reed, on the hood of a Humvee, to protect him until they could arrive at a medical facility.

That was the situation for a father, a husband, a firefighter, a man who had pledged to defend our country.

On a combat mission in Afghanastan, in 2010, as his company was fighting attack from 3 sides, Doug Reed suffered a rocket propelled grenade right through his face. Would he see his wife and 7 kids again?

“Sergeant Major Doug Reed and his wife Jana have an incredible testimony. Their lives are an example of how God can walk a person through a terribly difficult situation, and praise Him through it all.” said Retired Master Sergeant, and Cable Rd. Alliance Church Member, Brian Clum.

God healed Purple Heart Recipient, Retired Sgt. Major Reed. Even though his life is not as it was before, he and his wife, Jana, have a testimony to share. Not only did God spare Reed’s life that day in afghanastan, God has allowed the story to be used for His glory- and that story is coming to Lima, OH Saturday, November 3.

“If you look at the religious freedoms we have in this country,” said Veteran’s Dinner Organizer, Jim Lotz. “we have them, partially because of the men and women who have gone to bat for us.”

Those men and women, and their families and friends, as well as the public, are invited to a Veterans’ Appreciation Dinner, Saturday, November 3rd at Cable Rd. Alliance Church in Lima.

In addition to local special music and a catered meal, attendees will experience first hand the Reeds’ incredible testimony- the stories, the struggles- and the God experiences through it all.

Two free tickets are available to every veteran. The cost is $10 for all others. Tickets are available at WTGN Radio, Cable Rd. Alliance Church, or Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships. Organizer Jim Lotz and others at Cable Rd. Alliance are praying that the church’s gymnasium would be filled to the brim for this special event.

Doors open at 5:30pm November 3, dinner starts at 6pm. For more information, call Cable Rd. Alliance Church: 419- 331-5500.


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