Following Jesus Path

Following Jesus Path

Some nights, it takes me awhile to fall asleep.  Saturday was different.  I had been asleep for 3 or 4 hours when my kids awakened us with some sickness at 2am. Everyone went back to sleep, except for me.  I tossed and turned and a list of all my stupid choices ran through my head – years of dumb stuff I had done and questions as to why I did it.  Around 5am, I found myself laying on my side, facing the wall.  Then I rolled over and everything changed.

My Bible, which sits in the middle of the bed came into view, and then my wife.

And then one word.  Repentance.

It means to turn around.  Just like I did.  We stop going away from God (down a rabbit trail of regret) and do a 180 back to God (and a path of hope).

As I saw my Bible and my wife, I realized where my mind needed to be.  I literally repented by changing my posture in bed, and I quickly found rest, both physically and spiritually.

That’s what repentance does.

It brings the forgiveness of sins (Acts 2:38)

It gives freedom to ‘Go and Sin no more.” (John 8:11)

It makes right a relationship with our Creator and refreshes you. (Acts 3:19)

This Lenten season is a wonderful time to fix our eyes not on our own path, but on Jesus path.

To the cross.  To the grave.  To defeat sin and death.

Will you repent and follow Him?

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