Encouraging Words: Listen and Act

Encouraging Words: Listen and Act

Listen and act. 2 simple words — so simple, that you can find them on my kids reading lists for 1st grade. But how difficult can they be sometimes. And even harder to do together.

But they are powerful words.

They are words that change the world!

They are attributes of Jesus.

Before many miracles were performed, Jesus listened.

He heard a cry, He listed to a story, He fixed his eyes on a person, He had compassion. We don’t listen very well, as a culture, but Jesus did.

Jesus acted? Of course He did! Sometimes it wasn’t as fast as the disciples wished. Many times the action produced an unexpected result. But there was always purpose in the action. Jesus desired life change, and that only comes through action.

Jesus listened and acted. So often, as soon as the listening ended, Jesus put an action plan into move.

Do we listen and act?

What are you better at? Listening or acting? Which do you need more help doing?

These are 2 words that I am making the center of my purpose in 2018. I want to be like Jesus. I want to do what He did.

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