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Dream On: Suenos Q & A with Jordan Powell

Dream On: Suenos Q & A with Jordan Powell

Q. It’s been a year since Dream On appeared on TV-44. Re-introduce our viewers to the ministry of Dream On. Share the purpose and passion, and how you are living that out both in the US and abroad. 

Dream On exists to help spur people to dream again, to re-spark vision and hope, and to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the US and abroad.  We facilitate mission trips to 3rd world countries, create worship nights in different communities in Ohio in partnership with area churches, and have a team that is continually growing and pursuing their own personal dreams in such areas as the coffee industry, podcasts, social media, web designing, small business owners, worship leaders, and entrepreneurs. 

Talk about the decision to go to Honduras in 2019. 

Honduras 2019 was a different trip for Dream On, in that we went to some rough suburbs of San Pedro Sula, to the areas that people could not even try to apply for jobs, and we were the hands and feet of Jesus. We loved on them, spoke hope over them, and spent time encouraging their pastors. Our trip participants, many of whom have gone with us multiple years, said this trip was the most impactful to them. They were asked to pray, preach, and lead parts of the trip this year, and they came back to the US drastically changed.

Share some of the ways you saw God at work on this trip.

The changes in our trip participants once they returned to the US, the continued relationship with the Pastors we ministered to in Honduras, the leadership roles people took that seemed scary, but then caused them to see what they could do, and the stories of hope and change we heard from Hondurans after our meetings.

Remind us when Dream on was founded. As you look back to that moment and then look at now, how are you amazed by what God is doing through Dream On? 

Dream on was founded in 2017, when the founders met over breakfast to Dream and decided to create this organization to combine their peers with unique talents and pool them together to impact the world. We knew what God was speaking to us then, but now we know even more than when He speaks, it will always come true. 

Are there opportunities for local individuals to be involved with Dream On?

Our team is continually growing with people who want an arena to use their talents, and unleash the dreams inside of them. Locally, we have worship nights, internship opportunities, and of course, mission trips.

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