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40 Years of Witnessing the Living Word

40 years….but the story doesn’t begin with TV-44’s sign-on date of June 13, 1982. The effort to bring Christian TV to Lima began in the mid 1970’s. Ron Mighell, founder of American Christian Television Services (ACTS), had two initial tasks….raising funds and finding a facility.

The late 70’s brought difficult economic times to America. A new word entered the English lexicon– STAGFLATION. Stagflation brought the worst of both economic worlds…inflationary times and high unemployment, which makes it all the more staggering that Ron had more than $1 Million in startup donations in little Lima, Ohio!

The Facility…
Ron visited the former Allen County Airport on Baty Rd. On the surface, it was a building whose best days were in the rear-view mirror; unless, of course, you’re Ron Mighell, and you have a vision. An airport hanger could become a large television studio, but to do so brought a 3rd need.

If you buy it (the airport), the people will come.

That’s what was discovered after Ron shared the vision of the transformation from storage bin to studio broadcast. The end goal was transformation of people, that transformation coming through Jesus Christ. Ron shared the vision, and the volunteers came. An army of dedicated volunteers kept coming, and little by little, the conversion took shape, allowing Ron’s vision to become reality. The Body of Christ was working behind the scenes so that TV broadcasting about Jesus Christ would become seen and heard….and by faith people would respond.

The Message…
The uncensored, lifesaving message of Jesus Christ started reaching TV homes in NW Ohio on June 13, 1982. It was such an exciting time for TV-44 and the viewers in Northwest Ohio. WTLW carried both national and local programming and made connections in the community right from the start . The early 90’s brought the syndicated teen show Straight Talk for Teens, and the Emmy Award winning Turning Point and 44 Magazine. From the county fair, to deep topics including suicide and AIDS, TV-44 was cutting-edge and relevant to the faith based needs in the region.

Around the same time, TV-44 discovered a unique ability to witness through the use of sports, and for a short time in the 90’s, also added a news department. Then the next decade created opportunity for the TV show Faith and Friends and Community Datebook, in addition to the annual TV-44 Auction Show.

In all things, the goal was and still is to bring glory to God and make His Name known to as many people as God allows.

Reaching the Community

TV-44’s mission has always been multi faceted. Presently, we use our TV studio to produce inspirational TV shows, including Life Questions, In the Word with Bill Harris, Viewpoint, TV Specials with Jennifer Beck, as well as short Scripture based segments featuring Joe Wassink, Jennifer Beck, Patrick Kamler, and guests.

We want the TV-44 studio to be a blessing to the community. In 2019 we aired the Night of Hope Against Heroin, live in our studio.

In 2020, we found ourselves with more opportunities to connect with the community, and it continued throughout 2021. This past October, TV-44 live broadcast the annual funding event for Heartbeat of Lima & Putnam County. We have also partnered with LACNIP and others organizations.

“Our banquet is our biggest fundraiser and we rely on those funds to help us reach and serve clients. Without the help of TV-4, we would not have been able to reach out to our donors. We feel so honored to be blessed by the generosity of WTLW! -Patti Kennedy, Heartbeat of Lima Executive Director

TV-44’s mission is external and internal. Every year, dozens of high school and college students are hired in our sports department for seasonal part time work. We provide a faith based, positive work environment for young adults.

And we also look for opportunities to partner with God working throughout the region. When we learned about the opportunity to make LifeWise Academy a reality in Elida, we eagerly pursued the project. We are currently working with local pastors on future joint ministry opportunities

June 13 2022, TV-44 and A.C.T.S. celebrated 40 years in ministry. Our coverage area now reaches further than ever, thanks to the addition of towers in the Defiance and

Celina areas. God continues to open new doors to reach more people.

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