Decisions — And Their Effects of Your Life


I try and spend as much unhurried time with my kids before bedtime so that we can read Bible stories and pray and just be together.  The other night, I could tell that Nathan was thinking something so I asked what was on his mind.

At first, my 5 1/2 year old said, “Nothing.”  But, half a second later, he changed is tune.

“Actually,” he started, anxious to share something.  “I was thinking, what if God didn’t put me in this family, and then I never would have met you.”

“That would be sad, wouldn’t it,” I responded.

“Yeah,” he said, contemplating the alternatives.

“But buddy, we don’t have to worry about that because God did place you here with us, and I am so glad!” I reassured him.

“Me too!” he exclaimed, giving me a big hug over the rail of his top bunk bed.

That made me think about life.  So much of the shape and direction of our life comes from decisions that we had to make at a fork in the road.

Should I move to Alaska or keep looking for a job closer to home? Should I continue in this relationship? Do I need to give a word of encouragement to someone who really needs it or should I just take the easy path and not say anything?

Those kind of thoughts overwhelm me.  How different could my life have been if I had chosen just one other option?

Then I think of Jesus’ story and I’m overwhelmed even more. My mind is blown by the statistical improbabilities.

33 years on earth.  30 years basically waiting until it was time for His ministry to begin. Hundreds of prophecies that needed to be fulfilled.  A disciple that needed to betray Him.  Rulers that had no reason to order His death.  A crowd that needed to be in such a frenzy that they could convince the rulers otherwise.  Followers that would then carry on His message (with the power of the Holy Spirit) once He was gone.

All done without sin.  All done for you and for me because there was no other way.

“Nathan, I am so glad that God picked our family to be your home.”

“Jesus I am so glad that you took every step that you needed to take so that you could welcome me into Your home!”

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