Christians and Politics. How do You Pray for Leaders w/out Letting Emotions Take Over? Life Q S5 E9


What are your thoughts on the leaders in our country? Before you let emotions take over your answer to that question, think about your prayer life regarding those leaders. On this episode of Life Questions, our panelists talk about God and politics. How do we get politicals who will put God first in their lives. Also, how are citizens to support and pray for our governmental leaders? Other topics: How often should you pray, and what should you pray about? What is the difference between being a good person vs. being a Christian? How do we get back into spiritual shape if you’re falling away from God?


Gregg Fox- Bluffton Trinity & Rawson New Hope Churches
Randy Davis- The Bridge, Lima
Ben Neff- Mt. Tabor Church of God, Celina
Patrick Kamler- Westminster Christian Church


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