Book Review: Quick Answers to Tough Questions by Brian Osborne & Bodie Hodge

Quick Answers to Tough Questions

Within reading 1 page of the newly released Quick Answers to Tough Questions, by Brian Osborne & Bodie Hodge   (Master Books, P 978-1-68344-010-9 $12.99 U.S ) I instantly could recognize the pertinent value of this book is available now. When I say “now” I mean, in a time when classical Biblical beliefs are being questioned by those who claim to be unbelievers and those who claim to be believers, alike. There is a current need for literature related guidance that does not sway from Biblical standards, yet offers answers to tough questions in a way that will not incite an emotionally based theological debate.

Thus, the release of Quick Answers to Tough Questions.

3 things I really like about this book:

1. Quick Answers to Tough Questions is factual and easy to understand.

Why is this important? So many conversations about ethics, theology, and faith, are based on emotions and social justice causes. Today’s Bible-based Christian needs to have tools to engage in conversation without allowing emotion to flare up and ruin the chance for a level-headed discussion. Quick Answers to Tough Questions provides level-headed responses to hot-topic questions.

2. Every answer stems back to the Bible.

While the short, easy to read chapters (aka, answers to the questions) are thoroughly explained, each one also includes several Bible references with which to connect the information. I believe the Bible to be living and active. While there are many great written documents being published these days, it’s only the Bible that has the quickening power to impact one’s heart in a way not explainable by man. Including several Scripture verses on each of the “answer pages” offers the reader Biblical information to which these answers can be attributed.

3. Family friendly for all ages.

I chose to read this book alongside my regular daily Bible reading, but quickly realized it is one that I should also share with my children and my husband. Quick Answers to Tough Questions touches on topics that all Christians will have to face at one point or another, whether it’s through internal questioning, or public discussion. Researching these topics through a Biblical lens, in a style that is not attacking, but is educating, and dare I say, gentle, is important and cannot be introduced too early.

So, consider this a good family discussion starter, as well as a book for personal reading.  The subject matter creates a natural open door to important conversations that should happen with your children, before “the world” has a chance to do its own educating.

Quick Answers to Tough Questions can be found at and elsewhere online. I was not paid anything to provide this review and will receive no stipend for sale. I was given an advance copy of the manuscript and asked to provide my honest feedback.

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