What’s Your 12 Month Update?

What's Your 12 Month Update?

Hello from my daughter’s first long course swim meet of the year! 50 meters is a long way to swim. Try 100, 200, or even 400. A meet like this is a constant reminder of strength, focus, and the culmination of hard work.

Looking Back

But for me, it’s a reminder of something else. You see, one year ago this weekend I attended this same meet with another swimmer daughter. And one year ago, 3 cancer tumors attended the meet too. The only thing is, I didn’t know 3 cancer tumors were with me- I only knew I was sick, and everything in life was tough.

To update you, it’s now one year later, those tumors have been cut out of my body and the enemy has been warned to not mess with me ever again. One year later- how much more has changed?

I just finished a 20 minute walk outside the natatorium.

It’s the same route I walked a year ago- but I’m not the same person. I could sense a change. “I am lighter. I am different. I am changed,” I found myself pondering. One year later- life is different. Praise God.

An update on yourself

How about you? Take a moment today and reflect on where you were and what you were facing one year ago. How has God carried you through? How have you grown? How are you different? And how is God still working in your life today? Take a moment right now to praise Him for what He has done, what He is doing, and what He is going to do in your life from this point onward.

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